How to make Mint Tea

Brewing Mint Tea is a simple yet delightful process that allows you to enjoy the refreshing and invigorating flavors of fresh mint leaves.
I love blending my own herbal Tisanes (the formal term for herbal teas) and since Fall and the cold season are upon us while I’m writing this blog post, I thought it’s the perfect time to shine some light on one of my favorite Mint Tea recipes:

If following this recipe, you’ll create a cool minty herbal tea blend, that is soothing at the same time. It has a pleasant taste, that even my kids liked when they were little.

loose leaf mint tea with lemon balm and fennel seeds
Dried Peppermint Leaves, Dried Lemon Balm Leaves, Fennel Seeds

The Recipe

If following this recipe, you’ll create a cool minty herbal tea blend, that is soothing at the same time. It has a pleasant taste, that even my kids liked when they were little.


Peppermint leaves can be substituted with Spearmint leaves or any other Mint Leaves you like.

How to Blend the Herbs and Seeds to make the Mint Tea

Add the dried Peppermint Leaves to a bowl big enough to hold all dried leaves.

Add the dried Lemon Balm Leaves

Top the leaves off with the Fennel Seeds.

Give this mixtures a gentle stir with a wooden spoon or spatula. Once everything is blended well, the tisane is ready to be brewed!

Store your Mint Tea in an airtight container, like a tin pictured here:

a tin filled to the brim with Mint Tea

How to Brew the Mint Tea with Dried Mint Leaves

A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Gather Your Ingredients:
    • 1-2 teaspoons of dried mint leaves for every 8 oz of water
    • Boiling water
    • Sweetener of your choice (honey, agave syrup, xylitol)
  2. Prepare Your Teapot or Cup:
    • Place the Mint Tea Blend in your teapot or cup. Adjust the quantity to suit your taste, with more leaves for a stronger brew.
  3. Heat the Water:
    • Boil water until it reaches a rolling boil.
  4. Pour the Hot Water:
    • Carefully pour the hot water over the Mint Tea Blend in your teapot or cup, ensuring the leaves are fully immersed.
  5. Steep Your Mint Tea:
    • Cover the container and let the tea steep for approximately 5-7 minutes. Adjust the steeping time to match your preferred level of minty-ness.
  6. Sweeten to Taste:
    • After steeping, to enjoy but of course feel free to add a touch of sweetness with honey, or your preferred sweetener to customize the flavor.
  7. Enjoy Your Mint Tea:
    • Savor your homemade mint tea, either hot in the colder seasons or poured over ice for a refreshing chill. It’s a convenient and satisfying way to experience the invigorating flavors of mint year-round.

Alternatives to Homemade Mint Tea

Mint tea enthusiasts seeking convenience have a plethora of delightful options, both in local stores and online.

These choices accommodate diverse preferences, whether you lean towards the ease of tea bags or the personalized experience of brewing loose leaf tea. Savor the invigorating mint flavors in the manner that best suits your taste.

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Peppermint & Fennel, Twinings
Enjoy the refreshing and cooling minty taste in every sip! Known to help relieve minor indigestion, particularly after a meal. Fennel Brings a delicious, sweet anise seed flavour to this blend. Used in traditional Arabian, Ayurvedic, and Chinese practices for its ability to help support the digestive system. (paid link)

Twinings of London Pure Peppermint Tea
Known for its refreshing and invigorating flavor, this option is praised for its natural, pure taste, making it a perfect choice for a soothing cup of mint tea. (paid link)

Traditional Medicinals Organic Peppermint Herbal Tea
Highly regarded for its exceptional quality and organic certification, this tea has glowing reviews highlighting its calming properties and robust minty flavor. (paid link)

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